Paper World

Looking for a truly unique wedding invite?

Paper world is a great way to tell stories – how you met, what your passions are, where you’re going. The example above is our wedding invite, a personal story we created to announce our big day (July 2019).

This is a labour-intensive video to create, but I hope the care and attention we put in shows in every frame. If you’d like something similar for your wedding, please get in touch (you’ll find details on how you can customise it to tell your own story below).

Andy + Lucilla (:


General options

Music can be your choice – we wanted a fairytale theme, but you can choose something entirely different. One important note though: you can’t choose any random song you like (copyright is still a thing). You’ll need to select a ‘no copyright’ piece, and I recommend starting with YouTube (just search for ‘no copyright music’); other good options are Soundcloud and Ben Sound. (If this seems like daunting process, I can always choose some appropriate music for you.)

Subtitles are of course optional – we’re an Italian-English couple so made it for an international audience, but it’s your choice.

Cost: custom scenes take time, so the more there are, the longer it takes me and the more expensive it will be; however, I’ll always give you an honest appraisal of how long it will take and a price before you decide, so there won’t be any surprises. You’ll also only pay a deposit up front – when I’m finished, I’ll send you a draft copy (slightly lower resolution with a watermark), and you can pay the rest when you’re happy with the results.

Pictures – each and every part of your video can be customised, but I’ll obviously need to find the pictures to fit. For example, if you’re getting married in a beautiful old country church and want a silhouette of that very church in the video, I’ll need a (reasonable quality) photo of the church to make it work.

The intro: make it personal

Almost everything about this opener can be changed to make it your own. For example, we chose the icons above to represent our story:

  • icons of Barcelona because it’s our home
  • ice cream because the church where I proposed is next to one of our favourite ice cream shops
  • cats because we have 3 of them…

You can change these images to be part of your story. Other things you might want to change:

  • colours – you can choose your own (applied throughout the video), and I recommend checking out Adobe Colour for some nice colour combinations
  • the text and the shape of the card that appears (this can be anything, as long as we can find a shape to match)
  • the background (currently trees)

Title cards

Yes, these things:

These are also optional – we put them in to explain a couple of bits that wouldn’t otherwise be so clear, and to give a bit of a silent film look.

Custom scenes: tell your story

These next two scenes are very much our personal story. Sicily was where we first spent time together on a road trip (hence the car); the limerick was created while we were exploring one day, and it stuck with us. The scene with the house represents some bad news we had soon after, and how our friends (and cats) came together to help us out.

These scenes are also optional – if you want to keep it simple you don’t need to include them. If you do want to tell a story here, get in touch and we can talk about what visuals are possible.

Worlds come together

I wanted to make a scene that spoke of who we are, both individually and as a couple, and worlds coming together seemed a good way to do this. I also wanted to get across the idea that joining these worlds made us stronger, so our individual worlds are more or less black and white, becoming colour together. Each and every image in here is chosen to represent us:

To give you some ideas for the parts that aren’t quite so self-explanatory:

Lucilla (left)

  • has a minor obsession with lighthouses
  • plays the saxophone from time to time
  • is a medical researcher
  • Aikido has been a big part of her life (the kanji in the front row)

Me (right)

  • I’m also a writer
  • I come from Devon in the UK (we have lots of sheep…)
  • I used to snowboard a lot (mountains in background)
  • my surname is Redwood (a tree I’ve always been rather fond of), hence the trees on the last layer

Like everything else, this scene is optional. You could choose to just have your world together, or both, or neither. If you choose this scene, we can work together to find icons or silhouettes that represent your passions / interests / careers, or just give me a list of themes and I’ll do the rest. How much you’re involved in the process is up to you – I know planning can be a busy time!

You can also invert the scene, like so:

The invite: where’s yours?

We chose to make this a moonlight scene as we’ll be getting married in the evening before going straight to our reception, and the cats were a consistent theme. You can make it anything you like – a glowing sun behind you, a wise old tree, a silhouette of the church where you’ll marry – it’s up to you.

The really custom option

If you like the style but none of these scenes seem right for your wedding, get in touch and we’ll talk about how to make one from scratch.